About the Author

Rae Lindsay has written, co-written or edited 24 non-fiction books including Left is Right: The Survival Guide lor Living Lefty in a Right-Handed World, Alone and Surviving: A Guide for Today's Widow, Sleep and Dreams, The Pursuit of Youth, How to Look As Young As You Feel, Job Discrimination (and Job Discrimination II), The Presidents' First Ladies (1989 and 2001 editions), and most recently, Dancing Through The Maze.

For ten years, Ms. Lindsay wrote the syndicated column "First Person Singular" for Associated Press Newsfeatures, and during her career has contributed dozens of articles to national magazines. She has also taught English and Journalism courses at Seton Hall University, St.John's University, and William Paterson University.

Ms. Lindsay is a graduate of Wellesley College and recently served as vice-president of her class; she is also a member of the National Press Club.
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